3 Productivity Tips for Robotic Packaging Systems


Robots are one of the most reliable machines in the packaging sector. In fact, robotic packaging system requires less maintenance than the most proactive devices and equipment. When robot focuses more on loading of the case the maintenance services has become a little more complicated than focusing solely on the robotic arm.

1. Ensure strict compliance with preventive maintenance periods and the supplier of packaging, the manufacturer or a highly qualified and competent internalservice personnel take charge of the service

The robots are very well designed and durable machine. It takes years to come lubricated, or their batteries have changed. The problem is that if the maintenance staff work on domestic robots only once every two or three years, it is good as starting over each time. There is fading in memory of the correct procedures. If someone forgets the main phase of the robot’s lubrication after replacing the battery or other tasks, there can be and is often a series of cascading errors that can bring a thousand dollars of emergency repairs and reach or exceed the level of spending on manual labor to pull the weakness of the packing line.

2. Annual Troubleshooting of Team Maintenance Training

Although intervals service intervals can take many years, the operational problem of troubleshooting or programming the robot to accept new shipping case size happens more frequently. Annual continuous training of the HMI in solving problems is of great use to the maintenance team and teaching that maintain value to users and directly increase productivity. As a team of technicians in charge of maintenance and other tasks in regards to ensuring that new employees reach a new level of training.

In a situation where the adoption of a new pack pattern or a new shipping case, with a familiarity with teaching pendants, maintains menu helps save time and reduces headaches. The same rule applies to the alarm menus and I/O screen and input/output – refreshers put problems solutions with the maintenance staff. The annual coaching program gives the team an opportunity to ask questions and improve mentoring.

3. Become a packaging system detective by gaining knowledge of the key inputs –materials, conveyors, pallets, photo eyes, and more

Repeatability is what robot packaging system thriveson. They have issues with variation. As long as the robot in line with the specification, the case packing or the palletizing package is within flaws. If the system inputs exceed the expected tolerances, performance decreases. People tend to point their finger to the robot as a cause of a problem with the packaging system. In most cases, there may be a problem with a faulty material used for input, palette, or I / O device.


The objective of these three steps is to highlight the impact of expenditure on working time of the robotic packaging system. In all three examples, the robot was programmed to receive coherent input data. There was no received problem that emerged. You need the palletizing system detective to move the tracks and find the clues and culprit.